Dragonfly Cinema

Down on Bay street, almost directly across the road from the candy shop in downtown port orchard,  lies the Dragonfly cinema. Passing spectators are able to view a huge display listing the different movies shown. As you continue to walk inside the double glass doors, you’ll enter directly into the concession stand greeted by cheerful employees.

Though the Dragonfly Cinema is a theater it’s known to display local and independent films, the classics. If you’re in town and not sure what to do, then come on down and check this place out. Here you’ll be able to view a great movie with fantastic prices in a nice and cozy environment.

They’ll also showcase works of local painters and sculptors.

Check out their website for movie times


  • VIP Exclusive*: $7.00
  • General Evening: $9.50
  • Senior, Children Evening: $7.50
  • General Matinee: $7.50
  • Senior, Children Matinee: $5.50
  • Ask about theater membership

Concessions are available.

Map and Directions