DeKalb Street Pedestrian Pier

Looking for a lovely scenic spot on the Port Orchard Waterfront?  Look no further. This lighted, public 76-foot walkable pier,reaching out into Sinclair Inlet is just what you’re looking for. It is to be found along the Pedestrian Walkway, located between the Cheers Restaurant and Sinclair Inlet private marina parking lot. A perfect spot to watch the inlet’s birds, be it seagulls, herons or even sometimes an eagle.
Whether you gaze down into the water to see the fish moving about, or off in the distance to see the Olympic mountains, it’s always a worthwhile spot to take in on your waterfront walk.Naval Shipyard below the beautiful sunsets. Located at the end/bottom of  DeKalb Street, on the north side of Bay Street.   Parking (4-hour free) is along Bay Street in front of Dick Vlist Motors, or short-term, in far end of the Cheers Lot.


Map and Directions