4-H Youth (& Adult) Development Programs

Since 1902, Cooperative Extension programs include  4-H Youth Development programs, Agriculture & Small Farms, Beach Naturalist Training, Master Gardener Foundation, Organic Gardening Course, Noxious Weeds oversight, Nutrition/Food Sense Education program, Creative Arts like sewing, Rain Gardens, Strengthening Families program, Watershed Stewardship, Clover Academy and MORE.

Youngsters can join a local club, where they work with qualified adult facilitators, to learn about & earn badges in animal husbandry, clothing & textile sewing, and nutritional education.

Washington State University anchors the Cooperative Extension Service in our state. 4-H Curriculum Bundles are designed to foster STEM partnerships that provide positive youth development experiences and professional development training to help staff, volunteers, teachers, and community partners effectively reach more youth.

See Washington State University website — extension.wsu.edu, or 4-h.org.