Blake Island State/Marine Park

Blake Island includes a State Marine Park, accessible by boat, either from Manchester Dock, Pomeroy Park in Manchester, or from Southworth (all on Yukon Harbor). West side of the island is protected — good anchoring spot for boats.

Blake Island Reef is marked with a red buoy (about 55 fsw) — indicating the middle of a Fish & Wildlife artificial reef (creating habitat for rockfish and other sportfish). The reef extends from 40 fsw to 80 fsw.

Marine life found here includes Quillback, Brown Rockfish, Lingcod, occasional Cabezon, Greenling, with schools of Striped Seaperch, Pile Perch, and Kelp Perch. Sometimes, dozens of Red Irish Lords (many shades of red, brown & purple) may be present.

Local diving suggestion is, “slack tide before ebb, is best for diving the Blake Island Reef.”